Comapny Profile

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J. P. International, promoted and managed by competent, academically qualified expert professionals having decades of experience in Export Trade since 2002.


We will build a great organization of which every one will be proud. We will build a great organization will delight every stake holder.


Passion: We shall pursue our dream at all cost.
Integrity: We shall consistently demonstrate the quality being trustworthy.
Courage: We shall face all the challenges whatsoever comes.
Commitment: We shall fulfill our commitments and under no circumstances, we never show our back.


We shall live up to a New Culture.
We will not have any competitors.
We shall be recognized as a worthy competitor by others.
We will not have any problem.
We shall find solutions ahead of all our problems.
We will not have any Bosses.
We shall be our own Boss and find to be a leader.

As a Merchant Exporter & Importer, cater to Leading Paint Industries with the basic raw materials and mining products & chemicals. Importing chemicals from world famous manufacturers of different countries and the said products are being well accepted by our valued overseas buyers and also Indigenous Mining Products are being exported.
We also cater to the Ceramic Industry as well Rubber Industry with the basic raw materials.
Apart from the Chemicals, J. P. International also deals with Electricals & Mechanicals goods and are exporting same to different countries.
Also, deals with raw materials for Furnace manufacturing to the Rolling Mills Industries in abroad.
J. P. International also entered into the Import of Electronics, Electrical & Mechanical Goods and are selling same to indigenous market.
Apart from the above products, our organization is entering into the Spices market and are exploring same to different countries. It is well known that the spices of India are renowned in the world market and a good demand is there throughout the year.